Roly Poly Cart

An eclectic piece reissued in aluminum, fully welded with no fasteners or visible seams. Vintage hard rubber tires with custom spun hubcaps set off this one-of-kind collectable. Marine grade vinyl inserts add a splash of color and may be changed with the seasons or décor. The cart is lightweight and easy to handle.

The original cart was designed by Russel Wright who pioneered the concept of out-door service and informal living. The cart was intended for a lawn or porch picnic and was also used as a prop in many vintage soft drink advertisements. Unfortunately with the bamboo and wood construction, few have survived today. The spirit of the original design has been maintained but has been updated with stronger materials and construction.

Production is limited, please specify color and finish when ordering.

Roly Poly Cart
Inspired by
Russel Wright
Original design
circa 1936
Fabricated aluminum,
fully welded
Natural fine satin finish
30" diameter, 36" high
Special Order
Made in USA

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