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Metal Spinning

HK Designs is affiliated with E.H. Schwab Metal Spinning. The metal spinning process is one of the oldest techniques for forming flat sheets of metal into 3 dimensional objects.

History records evidence that the early Egyptians were experienced with the craft. The technique spread throughout Europe and eventually to Colonial America. In the early 1900’s skilled artisans and companies began to experiment with newer materials and larger diameters. Industrial designer Russel Wright (1904-1976) pioneered the use of spun aluminum in his line of Stove-to-Tableware products in 1930 preceding the very popular Kensington Ware products of the 1950s. Today, spun metal parts are used in a variety of applications and products across a multitude of industries including aerospace, architectural, electric power, food service and healthcare.

Unique among manufacturing processes, metal spinning remains an art form. Whether the operation is carried out manually or through sophisticated CNC controls, the techniques involved have been developed through years of trial and error—all under the watchful eye of a highly skilled Master Spinner.